Thursday, March 18, 2010

It should NOT have been like this!!

well yeah, let's start with the main subject, it is LOVE actually.

hmm... it started 3 months ago, i don't even know why..
to be honest, i think we shouldn't have met at all..
ok, and to be more honest.. he's NOT my type at all
well yeah, i think everyone knows what exactly my type is,
KOREAN, with a fresh smile, perfect features, good looking, nice body, beautiful skin and etc.
and he is totally not.

the problem is not whether he is my type or not, but why can i ended to this kind of situation when actually i shouldn't.

hmmmm.......................... confused, is the best thing that i can describe now, nothing else.

he's hooked up actually. what else can i do.

tough, hard, suffered, tortured, MULES. grgrgrggrgrgrgrgrgrggrgrgrgrgrrr.... mulai gajeb nih gw.. lanjutin aja kapan2 yak yak yak yak