Wednesday, August 25, 2010


things are very funny even though you think they're not. how come life seems so hard when you see it yourself? but when you see other's, you'll think theirs are pretty fun. yours should be one too, cause if it's not, then you should have done it long time ago, or may be you just being afraid to ended it. whatsoever.

when i see other's success, i dont think they deserve it somehow. it's just a silly and a jealous me. sometimes i think i should have changed my place to just somebody's, especially the successful one. but think more about it, it's just a waste to give up your life just because you are jealous of someone and not enjoying it. then i think again, we are so special so that we got to be born to this world.

eventually, all i have to say is, just be grateful of what you have. Thanks God for everything.

aaahh... just try to write again and this is the result, talking nowhere to go. annyeong!