Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you ever felt like you are tremendously blessed?? Or like, happy but with more gratitude feelings?
Ok.. just for your information. Today is my birthday!! Dec 14th  yay!! I'm 21 years old! wait.. it automatically means I'm old already.. but it's fine :)

Ok, so let's just start the with the story that today brought me.
So.. ok i'm on a strict diet this week, but since today is my birthday, i'm having a "dirty" plan in my mind to be free only for 1 day to have a meal time together with my friends. heheheee
Ok.. so the plan has been approved by my mom. and so here we go to our favorite sushi restaurant.
But these two friends of mine (Lyn and Icha) were telling me that they will be late so my friend (Ranti) and I should go first. Ok so then we went there.
Yup we were waiting there for like half an hour when Lyn and Icha came with a cake and candles in shape of 21, singing a happy birthday song for me. yayayayayayayayaaaa!!!!! hahahaha.... 
I'm not lying I was so surprised. I thought they were late for real, like may be trapped in traffic jam or fallen asleep in a car. hahahhaaa...

Oh yeah there's nothing better to have friends in life, I mean, they dont buy you and you dont buy them, right. It comes naturally and you are growing together and it means you have some parts in them and they have some parts of themselves in you.. 

And then, I had one more birthday present to tell you. Even though it's not planned, my friends who study in Australia went to visit the campus which they haven't seen in like almost one semester.. And we finally met and had chit chats like old friends catching all the stories up for deadline. Thanks Rizki, Ken, Alv, Andre :)
So we ate the cake, again. They absolutely ruined my diet program, for sure -____-" , but I'm so happy happy to see them again. Unfortunately not all of them can make it to come to Indonesia this holiday.. :(
Yeah, I feel like I need my old studio classmates already.. There were too many memories back then. The silly stupid crazy things back there were never ever be forgotten.  

The other thing that I'm currently and intensely thinking about is that, how wonderful my life is.
I  mean, I will be a moron if I'm not grateful for everything Allah has given to me.
I have wonderful parents, amazingly crazy sisters and brothers, cool family, fantastic friends, and a study major which most of people will think they will be happy to be doing it if they were in my shoes. Even people who congratulate me in facebook who i don't really know or even meet. It's just nice to know they care to write in my wall even for 10 seconds.
Anyways, it's like huge things that Allah has entrusted me. And I have to do something good about them, make use of them, care about them, be grateful with them, or share my love with them.
And it took me to my deepest realization that I should be much more more more and more grateful with my life. And I should not be the spoiled brat I used to be. Not anymore.

Hopefully it's not only my age that's getting bigger in number, but also my heart mind and soul that become wiser and fit what it takes to be a better human being.

haha.. kidding :p

Jakarta, December 14th 2011.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One of those days when you swear a lot

Orang muda harus jatuh cinta sejatuh-jatuhnya,
patah hati sepatah-patahnya,
tertawa, marah, sedih, rajin,
dan malas se-crazy-crazy-nya,


engkau harus segera bangkit,
mendewasa, berdiri gagah,
dengan bekas-bekas luka yang indah
di wajah dan dadamu,
dan dengan anggun dan berwibawa,
katakanlah ..

Dengan kewenangan
yang diberikan oleh Tuhan kepadaku,
dengarlah ini ...

-Mario Teguh-

Yup, hari ini presentasi, bukan final, tapi mendekati.
Apa yang terjadi? I screwed it up.
Can you believe me if i tell you this??! 
I mean, i'm not the best student in my class. I'm not the most diligent one. I'm not the genius one. But i tried my hardest.
I always tried to attend the class everyday -emphasize that, EVERYDAY-. When only 4 or 5 people out of 15 students attend the class, mostly for the whole studio class. yup 5 out of 15. It's really really a great class for you to take every semester, because you can literally do everything in the studio hours, nobody would care, even your lecturer -as you may call it that way-, well yeah i hate him. Sorry.
Ok, so the story began with the delay of the presentation which should be held on Dec 5th, just for your information I've done it at 1 o'clock the night before, and to be postponed until next week, which is today Dec 12th.
First, it sucks because I've already done it (even though it lacks 2% touch).
Second, the lecturer was never present at the studio, which is his obligation. -again, OBLIGATION-. So, how am i supposed to do with my project if someone who call himself "the expert" was never there when i need him?? (hosh hooosshh)
Third, Ok... let's say I would have more time to improve my presentation, which is a rare opportunity. So i fixed things here and there. Wallaah! I think it looks pretty good to me. I even had a little private consultation with the other lecturer (thanks a lot ka Dyah! :*). So, i finished everything early, have more time to do something else, even though i didn't have my weekend as much as i wanted, but it's good.
Fourth, So let's begin the freaking freaky presentation. I had never been so nervous about having a presentation. I never even cared if it'd turn out to be great or damned. But I believed in this one. I had my expectation high because I believed I have done everything I could, well ya not everything. Like, I didn't do models and stuff. But mostly everything. And well you know, it turned out to be me as the one who seems so LAZY and STUPID and IDIOT and LACKING and CAN NEVER BE AN ARCHITECT EVEN IF I TRY LIKE CRAZY.. hhhhhhh..
Fifth, I think I'm done with the architectural stuff here. I can't take it anymore. I mean, some of my friend who -mostly- never come to class got really nice comments and good bla bla bla from -ok i'm gonna have to say it anyway- Mr. G (even though i didn't really get it because it's not interesting for me), and me??
Fortunately, I followed Mr. Mario Teguh's facebook account.  -___-"
Yup. Things will still be like hell for few days to come. But I will have my "revenge" to you Mr. G... hihihihi (evil laugh)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Miss You

You know what?.. This is the time when I miss you the most.
When everything is at the finishing line.
When everybody starts disappearing.
When you showed up, but your shadow remains behind.
When I know that we'll meet again soon, but it feels like years.
When I talked bad about you, but I adore you in my mind.
When I stalked you before I left.
When I know you will see me again and expect me to be different.
Yes, I miss you the most, now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super g a l a u

Oh yeah, it's normal. Totally.
Being so anxious, worried, and insecure at this age, is perfectly normal. Am I? Why is that?
Oh yeah, I remember. Because I've been single and alone my whole life.
Haha. You can laugh at me all you want. Is thinking too much about it going to help?
Oh God, I know everybody in the world has to go through this stage to learn what life is all about.
Really, I'm not sure I can go through it alone.
Just help me fix my self, please. 

You know, sometimes life doesn't go along with your plan. Now I feel the most of it.
I thought that I could be anything I want, or do anything, go anywhere, or be with someone I want to be with.
I feel so alone I could almost cry.
I'm not asking to be a princess, I just want to be normal. Like everybody else.

It's so much much easier to be "galau" to a faraway celebrity than to a close real person.
You just can't control your mind, your heart, even your face.
Basically, you're being taken over by someone who doesn't think about you even for 1 second.
Yeah, definitely look pathetic. I mean, who wants to be in my shoes right now?
You can't focus, you're distracted all the time, you can't finish your work.
Well yeah, it's not anybody's fault, it's me. Totally me.

Ok, let's forget this. lalalalala... i love nuttela. 

I wanna be like her. Hmmmmmm.....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pride & Prejudice

Mr. Darcy: "Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony."

Elizabeth: "I don’t understand."

Mr. Darcy: "I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand."

I found myself in my most speechless state, ever. It was the most beautiful, impressive, dazzling, spectacular, and extraordinary love confession I've ever seen in my entire life.
Ok, you can judge me by saying i'm being exaggerating. Believe me i'm not. And I am almost convinced that this movie has become my favorite movie ever. It is so ROMANTIC without being so vulgar whatsoever.

Here comes the second one, one "heartattack" after another >.<

 Mr. Darcy: "If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Let me do some processing first, because I can't help it to go to another land called imagination when it comes to this. Really, Mr. Darcy has melted my inner core. And he is totally responsible for that. But where can I find him???

Cheers, me!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Many people tend to dream big, me too. Why are the dreams coming to our lives? how are we able to dream? how do i dream? how big is your dream? how is mine? how to achieve it? what exactly is a dream??

Tonight's theme is quite sensitive for me. This abstract thing is always sticking there in my entire life.

Dream, i've been dreaming everyday, about everything, about everyone. my dream is always big enough for me. it is not something to be ashamed of, at all.
Yet, i have come to the point where i feel a little bit burdened about my 'big' dreams. "Is it possible to achive those??", that's why i thought.
Well, no one will ever dream small actually, everyone wants the best for their lives.
After my bull-shits, i will finally say, my nowadays-dreams are...

1. Get my assignments totally DONE with good grades
2. Be able to go to QUT no matter what
3. Get a fantastic and enjoyable job with excellent salary
4. Give all the money to my beloved parents
5. Be a sucsessful architect

You know what?? ini sebenernya tulisan tanggal 21 mei 2010!! hahaha! dan ga tau kenapa gue ga sengaja nemu tulisan ini dan ternyata juga gue baru sadar kalau ini belum di-post. Haha penting ga penting sih.. Oke lah, kita bahas aja.
Hmm.. Sepertinya kalau gue inget-inget lagi, pas lagi nulis ini gue lagi agak galau karena saat itu nasib gue ga jelas antara bisa lanjut kuliah di ausy atau ga. Waktu itu kalau ga salah masih ada beberapa syarat yang belum sama sekali gue urus buat lanjut kuliah kesana. Ada tes IELTS lah which yang ini gue belum tes karena one nonsense reason, MAGER -___-". Belum lagi nentuin univ yang tepat buat gue, antara QUT dan CURTIN, omg bahkan sekarang pun gue ga jadi kesana, bingung gue komeninnya, gahahaha... ternyata sekarang pilihan gue jatuh pada si SNU dan YONSEI which i didn't expect them to be my choices and even now i'm still not sure about that -__- . Oke. Intinya banyak lah hal yang harus gue urus saat itu.

And now, back to main topic. What are those dreams mean to me now? Am i still dreaming? Or will i be able to catch them? Or am i still dreaming the same dreams? (mulai gelo deh). 
Sepertinya liat-liat dari daftar mimpi saya waktu itu, kurang lebih ga jauh beda lah sekarang. Cuma ketara banget dulu gue kurang lebih cuma ngeliat dunia doang (astagfirullah...). boleh dong ya sekarang nambahin.. hehehe

6. Become a better person
7. Get closer to Allah SWT.
8. Find a right person for me (as a husband) and my family
9. Be grateful for everything and for everyone around me
10. Live my life to the fullest and make the most of it

Yaaahh... Segini dulu lah ya. Mudah-mudahan yang segini dulu bisa tercapai, malah ini nih yang paling susah, haha. Tapi insya Allah asal niat bisa kok. Kayaknya gara-gara bulan puasa nih makanya saya jadi positif begini. Hahaha jadi malu. Yah pokoknya intinya semoga saya bisa terus mendekatkan diri pada Allah SWT lah, biar ga menyesal di akhirat (waduh omongannya udah kejauhan ci!! :p)

Hmm.... Oke sampai sini dulu. Udah malem bukannya tidur, mending kalo sambil ngaji! Dasar.. ckckck Padahal mbak udah pada mudik, mesti nyiapin sahur -_____-
Oke lah, Annyeooong!! Assalamualaikum :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Proves, part1

Annyeong.. Hello, blog.

Siang bolong lagi bulan puasa (walaupun lagi ga puasa), enak banget ngadem di kamar, nyalain AC, ditemenin sama laptop, hard disc, dan koneksi internet super cepat. What a life.
Gue ga yakin juga sih mau nulis apa, tapi berhubung udah buka blog, ya udah sekalian update aja :)

Hmmm... Kalo dipikir2, sekarang gue lagi ga galau sih. Cuma pas buka notes di hape, ternyata banyak bukti kalo gue pernah dan SERING galau. Walaupun isinya cuma notes orang galau dan sangat ga penting, tapi gue tetap nganggep itu sesuatu yang harus di-record. Siapa tau nanti kapan2 bisa dibaca lagi dan bikin ketawa. Huahahaa (sekarang aja bacanya bikin ketawa). Hosshh!! 

Ok. Bukti kalau saya SERING galau.

1. "Kim Hyun Joong's kiss was a real one". Ini sepertinya kejadian waktu jaman2nya drama Playful Kiss baru nongol deh. Kalo ga salah, waktu itu gue mimpi dicium Hyun Joong. Dan efeknya sampe berhari-hari. Hahahahaha.. DODOL abis!

2. "Nae yeongwonhan saram, CJM". Waduh! ini lagi. Lagi2 galau gara2 drama. Yang ini gara2 Jeong Myeong oppa, drama Cinderella Sister. Hadeeeeh.. Yang ini gawat! Gawat banget! Hahaha.. sampe gue bikin daftar apa aja yang diperluin dan yang mau gue lakuin kalo gue nikah sama dia. :)) Gawat! :p

3. "How can a man makes such smile that touches people's heart into a shaking boat". And it's definitely because of him too, CJM. -____-" abis senyumnya ga nahan banget sih. Seriusan ini mah, baru pertama kali liat senyum orang, gue langsung berasa kayak di-freeze gimana gitu. Langsung ga bisa nafas gue saat itu! Hahaha!! Lebaaayy! Eh beneran deh :p

4. "Everytime i got a crush on a person, the world seems to be so much more beautiful. Even sometimes i feel i'm beautiful, everything tastes so sweet. Every sad songs, romantic quotes, pretty pictures, seem so fit in me. It's very embarrassing though, but it's fine. Because i have someone who can force me to do all those things and stays in my heart".  Buakakakak!!! Yang ini JUGA gara2 sih killer smile-oppa. Hadeeeeh.... No comment deh. Udah terlalu malu gue.

5. "Have you ever feel like wanting someone so bad? Someone who will always be there for you, who will hold you tight and protect you, who will call your name out in a decent way, who will give you anything he has so that you wont ever feel empty, who will be someone you can rely on, who will tell you that you are the only one for him, the one who will tell you that HE LOVES YOU. Yes, I have. I've always felt that way every single night, to wish that someone who will be my man someday has the same feeling as i do to him. Dreaming that he come to me, whisper some sweet words, take me to another world, beautiful". SUMPAH! kalo yang ini gue nyerah dah. Ini sih bener2 effect dari si CJM oppa. Tapi yang ini lagi ngebayang doang, ga mikirin si CJM oppa lagi. Hhhhh.... -_-

Sodara2, segini dulu yaa.. sebenernya masih banyaaak lagi kegalauan yang saya tulis di notes hape. Tapi karena satu dan dua hal, saya sudahi sampai sini dulu. Abis ini kita lanjut lagi main galau2annya, Ok? Ckckckck, sebenernya sih, saya mau nonton Protect the Boss dulu. Hahahahaa... ada JJ nya!!! Horrrraaaaayyyyy!!! :p

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saya Malu

Saya Malu, banyak sekali hal yang kebanyakan orang di umur saya ini harusnya sudah saya lakukan, paling ga sudah direncanakan. Saya? Mikirin juga belum.

Belum lama ini, gue lagi sering-seringnya jalan-jalan ke blog teman-teman gue, beberapa di antara mereka bener-bener nuangin secara jujur apa yang mereka pikirin, dan menurut gue itu satu hal yang bagus untuk introspeksi diri. Bisa dibilang, dimulai dari jujur kita bisa ngeliat apa yang salah di diri kita. Sedangkan gue, nulis blog kebanyakan yang ga penting. Yah walaupun kadang-kadang pengen banget nulis yang serius, tapi susah banget dan hasilnya malah nulis ga jauh-jauh dari korea lah, atau ga komik lah. 

Ngeliat kehidupan mereka, walaupun sama aja kayak mahasiswa lain yang punya saat-saat stress berat gara-gara kuliah ataupun kehidupan sehari-hari, tapi kok bisa ya mereka introspeksi diri (walaupun di blog) dan nemuin solusi? bahkan ada juga yang dengan ikhlasnya nerima keadaan dan ter-inspirasi dari hal-hal kecil di sekeliling mereka dan ngerubah itu semua jadi penyemangat mereka. salut buat temen-temen gue!!

Kalo boleh jujur, sebenernya masalah mereka dan gue kurang lebih sama kok. Masalah kuliah, nilai yang naik turun, merasa salah jurusan, rasa malas selama ngerjain tugas, takut sama masa depan yang belum jelas, tanggung jawab sebagai anak, bahkan sampe masalah hubungan (^///^") aduh kok banyak banget ya.. tapi emang iya kan ya, umur segini lagi galau-galaunya. Atau gue aja yang emang cari-cari alasan? hueeee...
Tapi gue ngeliat mereka ini sebagai orang-orang yang tough karena, ga tau ya kenapa kok mereka bisa jujur, bisa ngelepasin ketegangan mereka dengan cerita di blog dan dengan santainya nemuin jalan keluar nya (walaupun ga selalu sih). Gue? tentu aja "jealous" sih, biasa deh orang ga bisa liat halaman tetangga yang lebih ijo (lho??)

Intinya, gue belum introspeksi diri, masih banyak hal yang harus gue planning dengan sebaik-baiknya. Ok, at least untuk sekarang, gue lagi ngejalanin les 3D untuk ngebantu kuliah arsitektur gue, Alhamdulillah tes ielts gue udah lulus, dan Alhamdulillah yang sangat-sangat kepada Allah SWT yang udah ngasih gue orang tua yang super melebihi superman dan wonder woman, udah bisa ngerawat gue dan adik-adik gue yang super juga.. hahaha..
Untuk sekarang, yang bisa gue lakuin yang pertaman, harus bersyukur dulu kali ya, karena kita ga bakal pernah puas kalo kita ga bersyukur, apalagi kalo lirik sana sini. Abis itu, bikin plan apa aja yang harus dicapai, biar ga ngalor-ngidul ga jelas juntrungannya. karena gue udah ngerasain banget, kurang lebih hampir setahun ini gue nganggur dan hidup gue jadi ga jelas. Semoga waktu setahun ini bisa jadi full battery gue ya.
Setelah udah fully charged, pastinja gue harus WORK HARDER THAN EVER! nah ini dia nih, yang bikin gue mules. ok, don't worry be happy!! haha!! yang penting harus HAPPY!! intinya jangan bikin apa-apa jadi sesuau yang bisa bikin lo stress, sebenernya kan yang bikin lo down ya diri lo sendiri. ya ga? kalo lo ga mikir itu sebagai sesuatu yang berat, ya gampang aja nyelesainnya. hahahaa.. amiin semoga pas gue mulai kuliah lagi, semuanya bisa dimudahkan oleh Allah, amiin ya robbal'alamiiin.

Terakhir, yang paling penting dan ga boleh ketinggalan, DOA yang sungguh-sungguh. Kata bundo sih, kalo doa harus spesifik. Ok deh kalo gitu. hari ini sekian dulu ya curcolnya. makasih blog-ku sayang. cuih! :p


Friday, April 15, 2011

Find Me Someone

Have you ever felt like this? when you really need someone as your partner, not only the one whose the body is beside you, but who will care about you, always. Well, i'm indeed feel like that recently. Just because I haven't had a real relationship before, doesn't mean i don't understand this kinda thing, right? Holy shit, i actually hate this stuff. The thing that makes you think, even consume your energy for nothing. Arrgghhh...

To be honest, these days I've been re-reading my favorite comic book of all time, "Throbbing Tonight". Well, this is absolutely obvious, it makes me JEALOUS. The way the characters think, act, and express their love for each other. The way they protect each other. Sometime I wish I was the main character in it, Ranze Etoh. She could give her all for the man she loves, Shun Makabe. And it was not fake at all, her sacrifice for him was real, even non-sense. And finally she made it, HE LOVES HER BACK. Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.......... the way he tries to hide his feeling for her, trying not to show his love in the cool way, but still protect her, gently. Oww shit, I really really was BLUSHING reading this book.

When it's time to reflect it back to myself, aaahhh... i'm kinda disappointed. Where the hell am i standing?? where should i be going?? Pleeaaasseeee.... Find me somebody to love T___T

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why I adore SHOES?

Dahulu kala, anak ini sempat bingung, kesel, bete, bahkan ngambek gara2 nyokapnya selalu ngabisin waktu berjam-jam bahkan seharian di department store. Entah itu di toko baju, tas, maupun SEPATU. Ya, sepatu. Dulu, anak ini bingung kenapa ibu2 atau sebagian besar wanita dewasa suka 'buang-buang' uang buat beli barang yang dimata anak ini kelihatan biasa aja, kalau butuh baru beli ga juga gapapa, bahkan keliatan sama semua. Dia pikir, "emangnya bakal ada yang sadar kalo gonta-ganti sepatu? tas? aksesoris? capek deeeehh. ganjen". Apalagi semakin lama sang mami yang mulai kenal barang ber-merk, jadi ada deh tuh tumpukan tas dan sepatu yang beragam warna, model, harga, bahkan sang mami kadang-kadang nyetok alias nyimpen beberapa yang belum dipake buat kado lah apalah.. -______-''

Suatu hari, ga tau kapan, si anak ini sadar, ternyata dia cocok juga pakai sepatu pink rotelli mami-nya (eih jadi malu). Jadilah si anak mulai tertarik melihat-lihat model-model terbaru apa aja yang ada di centro dekat rumahnya. Yah walaupun ga beli, cuma iseng aja. Tapi pernah juga lho si anak beli sepatu yang kalau dipikir-pikir harganya lumayan mahal buat anak SMA pada waktu itu. Yang dia pikirin waktu itu cuma, barangnya oke, mami nya yang bayarin. That's it.

Seiring berjalannya waktu, umur si anak bertambah, pengetahuan akan gaya yang trend bertambah. Walaupun untuk beberapa hal si anak ga akan pernah ngikutin trend, contohnya skinny jeans yang makin hari makin skinny dan kerudung yang makin hari makin naik ke leher. Yang pasti, si anak ini udah mulai paham kayak apa sih style yang cocok untuk setiap occation yang akan dia datangin. Si anak bahkan jadi penata gaya mami-nya untuk urusan padu-padan baju pesta. Yang paling si anak doyan kalo lagi shopping, si mami selalu minta pendapatg si anak buat milih ini dan itu. Alasannya udah sering terbukti, si anak emang punya mata jeli kalo udah urusan sepatu, pilihannya oke oke, selalu nemu barang yang langka dan emang keren. Bahkan ga jarang toko yang sepi jadi rame pas si anak dan si mami dateng buat lihat-lihat (harusnya mereka dapet komisi ya dari tokonya :p). Jadilah si anak dan si mami SHOES LOVERS yang walaupun budget-nya terbatas, tapi taste mereka oke punya.

Untuk sepatu pesta, pastinya si anak (dan si mami) punya banyak sepatu hak alias heels. Penulis setuju banget kalo heels emang tempat penyiksaan buat siapapun, bahkan tumit si anak sering lecet sana sini, jari kaki merah2, tapi si anak doesn't even care about it (at first).  Jadilah mereka menambah jumlah heels mereka. Jujur sih, sepatu-sepatu ber-hak tinggi mereka jarang dipake, kalo jalan yang dipake itu lagi itu lagi. Ga ngerti juga deh tuh tumpukan sepatu mau diapain, mau dipake ga ada acara yang pas, mau disimpen aja jadinya berdebu dan jadi rusak dengan sendirinya. Kadang-kadang si anak merasa bersalah juga sih. Tapi yang namanya SHOES itu emang GUILTY PLEASURE, she feels that every single time she buys a new one. YET SHE KEEPS BUYING THEM -_________-''

OK, alasan lain si anak jadi sahabat sepatu-sepatu itu adalah, SHE THINKS THAT SHOES CAN MAKE A WOMAN WOMAN, MORE THAN A BAG DOES. Ga ngerti juga sih apa maksudnya, tapi si anak udah terlanjur mikir begitu. Bukan berarti si anak ga suka tas. Well... belum lama ini si anak mendapatkan her first comfortable heels ever!!! congrats! Ya, si anak yang lagi nemenin mami dan adek nya beli sepatu di tempat biasa mereka mangkal, nemu si heels ini dan coba pake. Dan ternyata nyaman banget, baru pertama kali si anak nemu heels yang ga bikin tumit dan jari kakinya sakit. And guess what? it was KICKERS! can you believe this??!. At the end of the day, she was the one get new shoes while her sister got nothing :p
Oiya, just for your information, belom lama juga nih, si anak nemu tempat sepatu-sepatu keren dengan harga yang terjangkau. Jarang lho ada tempat kayak gini.. Penulis ga tau deh, kayaknya untuk ke depannya, si anak dan si mami bakal sering nongkrong disini. Soalnya si anak nemu satu lagi a pair of comfy shoes there, and it was stunning!, of course if you ask me whether she bought it or not, the answer is definitely YES.

Mungkin kalau dilihat dari sisi ekonomi, sosial, atau apalah itu, kelakuan si anak ini agak kurang bermanfaat. Bagaimanapun yang nikmatin efek dari kelakuan dia ini kan cuma si anak. Tapi Penulis juga bingung nasehatinnya, karena si penulis ini adalah si anak yang dari tadi kita omongin. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH SHOES????!!!

*may be next time i will post some picture of the shoes. GBU

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well, It’s already been more or less 7 YEARS since i first saw you, and ever since then, I’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH YOU <3 <3 <3 

Hmmm... Since I can't give you my present personally, so i think i will talk about you for this whole night instead. 
Honestly, you are my first crush ever as someone who i adore as a celebrity. Well, i can find all the personality from you, all the good things. People may think bad about you, about you being a bad leader or whatsoever, but WE (CASSIOPEIA) will never do that. Never. 
I even dreamed about you as my future husband, it seems so disgusting for others to see but yeah, who cares. I can find all the precious from you. When you smile, somehow it seems like you're crying at the same time, I know it's been so hard for you to stand "alone" on the "stage", however it gives us (cassies) hopes and fact that you're trying your best and makes us do our best too. It's MAGICAL to see you two blow all the things and keep your head up while you're literally losing your best friends. I'm not saying this as if i don't care of the other three. I do care so much. However, it doesn't seem like i can say anything about them. I 'm neutral. Really. 



melting as always -___-"

Monday, January 24, 2011


AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! believe me this is so UNCOMFORTABLE!
these days i went to bed so late, always around 3-4 am -___- just to do something that's not even worth anything. watching drama, teve, even late night news, -_-". The worst part is the next morning i can't even wake up for pray! and i always do that for days.
Well the thing is, i have this kind of complication when it comes to EATING. I don't know exactly but i think i believe that we human, need to have meals 3 times a day. The problem is, when i woke up late at noon (oowh god this is so embarrassing), the first thing i feel is that i'm so hungry, so i eat my brunch. Then at late noon around 5 pm i will feel the same again, so i eat again. That's becoming my second meal. However, i didn't realize that i have this thought on my mind that i should at least have one more meal to end my day. So i eat again eventually -_-''. And theeeennn, i indeed gain more WEIGHT!! aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

When I'm on WGM

hallloooo... it's been a long time. kangeeeeeeenn!!
aduh beneran deh kangen banget udah lama ga nulis blog, feeling a bit guilty sih, but yeah eventually we meet again my baby mmuuuaaah muuuuaaahhh :p

hhmm.. mau cerita apa ya? banyak sih yang pengen ditulis tapi bingung -_-
oke, cerita yang ini aja deh, ini udah lama banget sih. tapi yowes lah. ini tulisan gue bikin pas ada semacam sayembara asal-asalan dari koreanindo, tentang siapa pasangan yang lo pengen kalau suatu hari lo dapet kesempatan untuk bergabung di WGM(We Got Married). berhubung gue ga bisa milih salah satu dari my super oppas, and berhubung saat itu gue lagi in love sama oppa yang satu ini, sooo.. the award goes to.. CHEON JEONG MYEONG oppa!!! yeeeeaaaahhhh.....

the story goes like this..

1. who is your she/he? your future husband/wife?
    Cheon Jeong Myeong oppa!! >.<

2. what you want people to call you?
    Smile couple! ^^ soalnya kita berdua punya senyum yang unik. banyak orang bilang senyum kita berdua   mirip, apalagi senyum kita paling jago buat orang2 jadi melting.. hahaha :p

3. what type of house do you want to live in? 
    Hanook.. yup! rumah tradisional korea. karena JungMyung oppa suka suasana yang tenang dan romantis.. rumahnya ga harus besar, yang penting semua fasilitias lengkap dan tamannya luas, buat tanam buah dan sayur2an organik buat kita konsumsi sendiri.. hihihihii.. :p oh yaa.... kalau bisa ada teras luas di atas perapian buat kita ngobrol-ngobrol di musim dingin sambil merencanakan masa depan.. >///<

4. what movie do you want to watch in your first date?
    First date movie?? hmm... apa aja yang penting bukan film horor hahahaa.. walaupun banyak orang bilang asik nonton horor bareng pasangan biar bisa peluk sana sini, tapi gue jamin kita ga bakal bisa konsen karena ketakutan duluan.. haha maklum penakut.. paling bagus sih kalau filmnya yang romantis mengharukan gimana gitu.. biar pas aku nangis bisa dipeluk oppa >///<

5. what song that describe you the most? 
    Lagu Tree by Alex yang ada di soundtrack cinderella sister pas banget buat jadi couple song kita.. kita bakal sering denger lagu itu selama perjalanan ke mana pun. ke pantai di sore hari, ke taman, ke mana pun yang penting berdua... >.<

6. what do you want to do in your 100 day anniversary?
    100 days anniversary kita, wajib dong photoshoot!! pagi2 aku bangunin oppa dengan secangkir teh ginseng dan one little kiss (>.<), habis mandi kita pilih baju buat satu sama lain, terus kita jalan ke taman buat photoshoot yang bertemakan "pasangan terbaik tahun ini" sampai siang, tapi karena oppa ada urusan, kita harus pisah sementara. kira2 jam 4 sore aku di-sms "yeobo, aku tunggu kamu jam 6 di namsan tower, be sure you are coming, saranghae nae yeongwonhan yeoja <3...".. dan akhirnyaa... ada surprise candle-light dinner dengan dekorasi serba mawar putih di seluruh penjuru ruangan..aaahhh...

7. what present you want to give in your husband/wife birthday?
    Untuk ulang tahun oppa, karena kita udah cukup mapan, kayaknya kalau hadiahnya barang kurang pas, jadi aku berencana akan mengabulkan semua permintaan dari JungMyung oppa selama-lamanya, asal jangan minta cerai aja :p  dan selama pas ngasih ucapan selamat ulang tahun, kita duduk berdua di bawah sinar matahari senja di musim gugur sambil nikmatin cantiknya daun berguguran.. tiba2, cup. small kiss for me is enough to make him frozen in 5 seconds. well, he will be shy at first but after that he will respond me back with greater actions (sensored for children under 19) >///<, and we will live happily ever after..

well yeah it sure is sensored for children under 16. but who can tell? 
aduuh kayak orang labil aja deh tulisannya. tapi jujur emang saat nulis ini gue lagi super labil sih. alias ha-be-el -_-. hmmm...well you can laugh at me but i'm still confident in myself. imagination is fun, you can't even tell how great it is :p

I Want CJM! >.<