Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super g a l a u

Oh yeah, it's normal. Totally.
Being so anxious, worried, and insecure at this age, is perfectly normal. Am I? Why is that?
Oh yeah, I remember. Because I've been single and alone my whole life.
Haha. You can laugh at me all you want. Is thinking too much about it going to help?
Oh God, I know everybody in the world has to go through this stage to learn what life is all about.
Really, I'm not sure I can go through it alone.
Just help me fix my self, please. 

You know, sometimes life doesn't go along with your plan. Now I feel the most of it.
I thought that I could be anything I want, or do anything, go anywhere, or be with someone I want to be with.
I feel so alone I could almost cry.
I'm not asking to be a princess, I just want to be normal. Like everybody else.

It's so much much easier to be "galau" to a faraway celebrity than to a close real person.
You just can't control your mind, your heart, even your face.
Basically, you're being taken over by someone who doesn't think about you even for 1 second.
Yeah, definitely look pathetic. I mean, who wants to be in my shoes right now?
You can't focus, you're distracted all the time, you can't finish your work.
Well yeah, it's not anybody's fault, it's me. Totally me.

Ok, let's forget this. lalalalala... i love nuttela. 

I wanna be like her. Hmmmmmm.....