Tuesday, January 10, 2012

undefined - i just don't know what to name this post

yeeessss!!! yes yes yes!!! today is the day of the final presentation for my architectural design 3!! and it's done pretty well. heheheee..
well, not that well but i'm proud of my work whatever the reviewer said it didn't really matter for me. because i did all i can do for these past 5 months.. yosh!!!

speaking about reviewer, well ya today we had an extraordinary outside reviewer, i think his name is Gofar or something started with "G", ya ya ok.. i know.. but it's not that "G". they're totally different.
well, this man is young, accomplished, married, cheerful, and of course rich. amazing, isn't he?
he studied architecture in my campus and guess what? he didn't become an architect! haha!! he actually is a businessman, a developer and an owner of this huge company that runs a real estate sector whatsoever. 
i know what you guys think!
it doesn't mean i don't want to be an architect. I do, but i don't know if i have the ability to do all those complicated things.. yup yup yup. it's hard to explain this even if i write a book about that. ggrr..

The most valuable lesson i got from this acquaintance is that, I CAN BE ANYTHING I WANT. hehehee!!
haha... enough for this talk about architecture. enough! wekekekeekkk (i don't know i'm just so happy about the fact that this shitty-design-program-bla-bla-bla is ended! sorry for that :p)

oh yeah, i also did something else bad today. because we're asked to write a feedback to mr.G, and of course we can write anything we want. so i thought this is a great chance for me to take my revenge (to tell everything i thought about this man called "G"  -____- )...
so i was being too honest then. mostly i wrote it like this:
you're always late even though you said it yourself that you're always punctual when you're in the US, and you told us to wait in the class at this particular time and you made us wait for hours.
you delayed things (presentations) to much, too often.
this class is actually fun but you sometimes put too much pressure on it (even when you didn't do it on purpose).
ps: sometimes we called you "gamses", and sorry for that.
      oh yeah, you had this crunchy joke every time we had a class discussion. and it wasn't funny at all.
      and i realized that you sometimes commented on our performance based on your mood,
      so that we always had to check on your expression first whether you're in a good mood or a bad one.
      thank you for your comments, advices, directions, guidance, and everything for this class.

i know i was being a bad girl to say such things. but i was in a hurry and i thought he will be okay with this, it is just a feedback. no hurt feelings. hahahaa
but i'm the one who feel more guilty right now. hahahaa...
really, i mean, really, guilty.

ok! fine i'll apologize someday. but i'm not making any promises. just saying.

so.. done for now. see you in the next semester. hope everything will turn out nice and great! yup yup thank you Allah for such an amazing semester! be it be better next time. aamiin..

ps: what the hell am i thinking?! i still have one more exam tomorrow at 1 pm and i'm already in the mood of holiday!! wahahahahaaha...