Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Facts 1

Annyeoooong!! Hi, as usual.. random things are always hanging around me. Like my mood, it is always simply changing and mindlessly unpredictable. zzzz
Yeah, it is a new semester began with a vulnerable atmosphere. It's been a week since i got this 6th campus life started, and it's already been like a roller coaster feeling blender (lebay mode on) :p
To complete my "galau" night, i'm thinking on writing random facts about me that i "think" have.
Enjoy... (I don't think anyone would ever read this, so relieved. hufff)

1. I think i'm insecure. I always act like i'm strong, bold, cheerful and never thought things would bother me. I realized i'm actually being like this recently. When one of my closest friend told me that i'm actually a sensitive person. Hmm.. Thought it was a joke, i deeply got the thoughts in my mind, and yeah. I think it's kinda make sense. Because one and two incidents that happened in my life, caused me to have these scars. So, I'm not gonna let things or anyone hurt me, so i won't ever want to create a closer bond to anything, so that it won't hurt me if i lost it. And it applies for people. Hmmm... kinda surprise, right??

2. I love sad and romantic things; songs, movies, poets, quotes, etc. This one is kinda embarrassing though. You can check my song playlists in my hand-phone, laptop, even in my car. It's all, hmmm, you know... it all talks about love. I don't deny the facts that i've never been in a serious relationship before. I just respect the fact that i'm a human being seeking for a true love, that's all. (Zzzzz..... this one is pouring me goosebumps over my whole body). 
While the fact is that, a lot of people see me as a numb person, it hurts me a lot :'( . 

3. I want to be more like a woman. Feminine, girly, beautiful, sophisticated, mother-like, etc. Well, i wear bright color shirts like purple, red, even pink. But, i mean, i don't wear skirts, new-style scarfs, or heels (i just have them, not use them -_-). I wear flats and jeans. Poor things :( 
Well yeah i mean, i want later when i'm in the stage where i should be a wife to someone, or a mother to my children, i'll be a good one for them to have me around. and it's not only from what i wear, but also from my personality. However, i love what i wear everyday; old-day scarf, usual shirt, jeans, sneakers. Haaaa... what a comfortable life. kkkkk....

I think that's all for tonight. There are many things hidden in me that yet to be discovered. I'm gradually figuring them out as i learn to improve the good things and get rid of the bad ones. See you soon.. (still have many things to be done, need some sleeeeeeeeep :'((  )