Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random Facts 2

Hmmm... i have all the rights to write anything in this blog, so.. let's see... krik krik krik

now i feel so sleepy.
but i also am hungry.
i think i want pizza, 2 slices will be good.
i think i also feel a little lonely, because now it's Wednesday and we'll have long weekend until sunday.
i haven't touched even an inch of my PA project since a week or two, and the final will be in the next 4 days.
i think i have a little disorientation with selecting priorities, definitely. 
i have to go on a strict diet, like i used to but it's bloody hard to start again.
i think my cellphone battery is a sucker, she sucks all the energy while doing nothing.
i feel a little empty now, maybe because i have no boyfriend at the moment.
but i agree with the idea that states "being single is a CHOICE, not a destiny".
i think i'm not an academic sort of person, i hate calculating, but i love it when i see a smart person talking.
i want to do something good soon, but i don't know what that is.
i think i'm a hyppo, so fat, so chubby, so pink.
i think my laptop is a dinosaur, she's loud, big, strong and scary.
i think the world needs me in some way, even i throw the rubbish in a proper bin. yes!
it feels so good when i'm grumbling, even when the person next to me doesn't get what i'm talking about.
i like to shower, it helps me get rid of the stress inside my head.
i want my bed to be 4 times bigger than it is now, so i can jump and roll whatever i want.
i was a very bad student when i was in junior high, i got better in senior high, you can see my improvement now.
i think i don't have to be hurry to get a boyfriend, if the right time comes, he will definitely show up.
i want to learn how to make cookies and cake, someday when i have beautiful kitchen on my own.
i should have learned piano when i was a little girl, is it too late for me to learn it now? ya ya naaah.
i love to judge people before really get to know them, and compare the thoughts after.
really? can i just be the president of this country? it is so bloody ridiculous to see traffic jams every morning.
i want to have my own apartment when i reach 25, it will be awesome.
i think designing is just not for me, i love designing when i'm free from pressure, not under it.
i love beautiful things, but somehow i couldn't put them on me, they just don't suit me.
i want to have a child at 24, which means i have to get married in 2 years from now. god.
i feel the most insecure when i know i have something in mind but i just can't let it out and people know that.
i think my house is the loudest one in this neighborhood, i took a part in that.
for god sake, can i just get rid of only 5 more kilos off my body? especially my belly and buttocks, they get too chubby these days.
i think i have this fragrance of mine which reminds me of my childhood, and it is not a very pleasant memory.
well i like old songs more than nowadays hits, they sound fake to me.
i like the smell of the rain touches the grass, it is so freaking sexy. sounds like a weirdo huh?
i used to think that dating is all the same. yeah, sue me for my lacking experience.

i think i've grumbled enough. see you next time. keep it covered! *lol