Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i feel like shit. thanks "friends"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reply 1997

huwaaa.. i'm gonna review a drama that i've watched several times omg it's so good!! it is "REPLY 1997". it is not so me when it comes to reviewing drama. ok, i'll just say what i think about this drama and what really captures me. hohoho

so, the drama tells a story about two childhood friends falling in love as they growing up, the story takes place in 1996-2012 periods, so it should be fun! going back and forth the time as if you have time machine, great! what i think really awesome about this drama is that they show so many stuff from 90s such as tamagochi, walkman, old days comic books, DDR, video tape, etc. omg i'm so in love with those! and i love it when i'm reminiscing the old days, the days when i don't really care about the future, i used to do what i love and not what i was supposed to show other people. 

you know, especially in senior high, when you found your first love (even though mine was when i was 9, damn it), you giggled with your girlfriends and tell each of your crushes, exchanged cute stuffs every morning at school, brought prohibited items to class. hmm... i feel old already. but i know things will come up exactly the same as now later on when i'm at my 30s or 40s, i will do remember this time as my silly age. blah. and i feel sorry for today's generation with their digital crap, i miss the analog period when everything seems so difficult to run but actually brilliant. none of you will understand what i'm talking about you twothousandsbornkids. hehehehe

oh ya! the drama taking an idol story as their additional plots. when you recognize HOT, Scehs Kies, Baby VOX, or Fin KL, you are probably the same age as mine or may be older. huhahahhaaa. and that also means you are one of the pioneer of korean lovers. the characters in this drama are huge fans of some groups, and they show exactly what i was in my high school days. damn it, i miss those days. i miss the day when i go to school to tell new stories of my idol to other friends who also love korean stuff. we exchange new information, new songs, new pictures, even new gossip, hell yeah. and i didn't even think going to school to study, i only cared about meeting friends and talking about korean stuff all day long. there were days when my grades were not even low, they were red zero. oh gosh, how could i ever had a chance to study when all i thought was to go to korea to meet my idols. hahahaaa

so, as a cassiopeia, i fell so related to this drama as they show much love to their idols. i feel that is exactly how fans should go through if they were truly devoted to their idols, (well, not that extreme as what Shiwon did when she stalked into Tony oppa's house) but yeah you can tell exactly that your idols really influence you in so many ways. to me, TVXQ is my and only star. they are my first korean crush, they thought me how to love unconditionally. i was crying at the moment i heard their song heart, mind and soul. i thought it was the most beautiful song i've ever heard. they encourage me to become a better person. i know it's wrong and exaggerated, but there were times when i study for them, i eat for them, i cry for them, even i didn't have any dream or any idea on how i should become in the future, and i put them as my goal, as my consideration. i thought i should be somehow someone successful so that i could meet them in confidence, so that they will see me as someone. 

ok, i think it's enough. you will not have enough time to talk about old days, it will eat you up. hahahaha
omg i still can't believe i did those silly things back then (i still am right now :P) but yeah, that what makes life even exciting, doesn't it? hmm... i'm gonna read this post when i reach 40 and i will laugh at myself and i will tell my children how funny i was and they should just enjoy their life without having to worry about the future, as long as you ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!! 

Reply 1997, simply awesome drama.

My Forever Love, TV5XQ. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


sometimes i think it would be nice if i have a genie on my own, and make him grant my wishes.
i thought about the 3 wishes i wanna ask.

first and the most important wish for all the Cassiopeia around the globe, MAKE TV5XQ TO COMEBACK AS 5. this would be a very huge huge moment of the human history since the first lamp was created. yeah

second, it is a must and a definite one, MAKE ALL THE C*TS DISAPPEAR FROM THE EARTH.
third, hmmm... i'm still thinking about what i should ask, but yeah.. i'll tell you later on. byeee...

ps: this is only for fun. you should ask anything only to Allah swt. this is only my silly thoughts in the middle of the night because i haven't been sleeping for 2 days. blaaaah

see you around!