Friday, May 24, 2013

The Future

Who knows about the future? except God of course.
When I try to take a peek on the future, you know, I know I'm not gonna find anything out.
It will be whether good or bad depends on how you're doing now.
I cant deny I worry about the future, It concerns me a lot.

It's him who makes me worry about the future, unconciously.
It is happening, I see him in my future, I see my future in his beautiful eyes.
What if, I am not the one who is destined as the main character?
What if it is not some thing that I think it's true.

Too many things concern me, too many people are involved.
When I see the present, I just can't imagine how things will actually come true.
The person I love, he's not going to be the same forever, right?
Things change, so do people.

Where I go and where he goes, I hate it the fact that I don't have the clue.
Will you be the light on the other side of my tunnel?
Will you? I just can't find the answer.
It's the anxiousness inside me struggling to bug me and it's succeeded.

How if you just stay here with me and never leave, it sounds just fine.
Just make me calmly wait in peace until you will take me with you, yes?
The future looks amazing indeed, if you agree with me.
Nobody will bother us, just you and me, both making love.

They are not going to blame love, are they?
Everybody has it, they just don't show it to the world.
Unlike us,so what is there to be ashamed of?

So eventually the future is still unknown, yes?
But I'm happy as long as I'm with you, it's not gonna change, love.

ps: I will tell you everything, bloggy, in the right moment of course. kiss